Our mission is that every weekend at church and every online experience will be the BEST HOUR of your child’s week! We’re passionate that children will know, show, and tell of the love of Jesus Christ and have a love for their church. We wish to partner with you, as a parent, in helping your child become a fully devoted follower of Jesus.

KidMin Jr | Birth thru Preschool

Your child is learning through all five senses and their imagination is bursting, so they will be encouraged to explore the world with eyes of wonder and learn 1. God made me. 2. God loves me. 3. Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

KidMin | K-3rd

Early elementary age kids are up for an adventure, everything is fun and they learn best through concrete evidence, so the in person venues provide an engaging large group environment and relational small groups for them to grow in wisdom, faith and friendship. Our online worship experience is designed to provide all of the same,  with your family engaging as the small group.

Bridge Street | 4th/5th

Fun and friendships are motivators for preteens, so we fill the in person time with both as they learn to grow in their relationship with Jesus, put their bible knowledge into action and ask questions in a safe place. Our online hosts are engaging and invite kids to respond with weekly questions and activities.
In Deuteronomy 6:5, Moses, told a group of parents and community members, that the most important thing to pass on to every child is a relationship with God. He wanted them to show their children how to love God with all their hearts. That's why we make Child Dedication a big deal. It's an opportunity for parents to be prayed over as they declare their desire to share Jesus with their kids in all that they do. It's also a chance for the church family to say we will do the same. We live in hope for the day that each child will choose to begin a relationship with Jesus and be baptized!